Love & Valor

Out on the road/Half a world away from home

The love I used to know is gone/But that don’t stop me

From searching high and low/I wanna know where you are


Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder where you are/Do I mean anything at all?

I’ll keep searching till I find/Just know you’re always on my mind.

So twinkle, twinkle little star.

~Twinkle, Twinkle~

Jesse Fox

That, my friends, is a little taste of Love & Valor. They are a local, up and coming band, who’s members, Jesse Fox, Darren Miles and Shea McKissack, I have had the pleasure of knowing for a while now. They are rocking the  indie/folk/acoustic genre with a style that is all their own. The melodies are poignant, yet catchy; their lyrics thoughtful, spinning tales of loves lost and loves yet to come and the experiences that make our lives what they are. Their next show will be coming up in February. Check ’em out! You won’t regret it!

These guys were recording their CD up at APP State in early November, so my good friend, Amos Archer and I, hit the road. Road trip! I love some road trippin’! Amos and I had a crazy time, telling stories and laughing, while chillin to some sweet tunes. 🙂 After we arrived, we wandered the streets and alleyways around downtown Boone and found some AMAZING places. I was so inspired, I could barely contain my excitement! Although, by the end of the night, I had almost completely lost my voice. No bueno. That’s what I get for talking so much. Eventually, Amos and I headed home, (He’s such a good traveling friend!) and rolled back in to town close to 2 in the A.M. It was an incredible trip, much in part to being with good friends. It was a huge bonus that photography was involved.

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This photo was actually snapped by my dear, dear friend and traveling companion on this trip, Amos Archer.

I liked it so much, I thought it deserved a spotlight! 🙂Untitled-18

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