Sam Costello // Durham, NC

Sam Costello, Musician extraordinaire, artist in every sense of the word; I’ve always known that he would come to great things! He has been my dear, dear friend for many years now and I had the privilege to do this shoot with him shortly before his graduation from Elon University. Sam made this shoot fun with his jokes and goofing around. He knows what things trigger my laughter. He’s motivated, driven, brilliant.

Sam has been blessed with an incredible amount of talent! Self taught before college, he creates these beautiful melodies from nothing and turns them into a story, a journey, a piece of music that makes you feel something. I am constantly amazed when he lets me listen to a piece that he has written. There was nothing but random notes on a page and then suddenly, there IT was. That song that makes you want to dance or sing or cry. I am incredibly proud of him and thankful for his friendship.

A painter paints pictures on canvas, But musicians paint their pictures on silence. ~Leopold Stokowski