Sarah and Jordan // Hillsborough, NC

Guys, I’m playing catch up with my blog these days. Blogging is not one of my strengths, though I do enjoy it! I’ve learned that time runs faster than I do. So, even though I’m slow on the posting, these sessions coming up, have great memories attached to them and are worth a peek. Let this be the start of many “throwback sessions”. Cheers!

Speaking of memories, I remember this day distinctly. My best friend, (Then Sarah Costello; She’s now a Southern) was preparing to marry her best friend and true love, Jordan, in just a few short months. We were wedding planning, dress buying, location scouting and taking time out for photo shoots. What a whirlwind! The day was bright and beautiful and these two were up for whatever I had planned for them. We hit up Hillsborough, (and my favorite coffee shop, Cup A Joe, for some delicious lattes) walked all around downtown  and then headed out to an abandoned dairy barn to finish up. Light, rope swings, kisses and laughter were among the highlights.  I love these two dearly and was so honored to be able to capture their love and devotion to each other. You can tell with a glance the depth of love that they have for one another. It was almost tangible. Also, how lucky am I to have such gorgeously photogenic friends? 😉  I’m thankful for the chance that I had to witness their story developing from the very beginning, for how they honored God with their relationship and the blessing that they have been as a couple. <3

“I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)” ~E. E. Cummings

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