Amos and Ivey // Burlington, NC

“Amos and Ivey, sittin in a tree…” Oh my stars, I love these two. What a sweet love story they have. Amos, my dear, long-time friend, fell in love with Ivey, my dear, new friend. Amos and I shared so many conversations, through the years, about finding love and that one person you would spend the rest of your life with. I had prayed that God would bring the woman that Amos needed to be by his side, who would walk through this life with him. When Amos started dating Ivey, it wasn’t long before he realized he had found her, the love he had been waiting for. They are a perfect match and I’m so thankful that I had the chance to be a part of their lives from engagement to wedding day. So much love. <3

“She counters my “disinterested grumpiness” with eternal optimism and love for everyone, she encourages me on my darkest and lightest days, and she is the best friend I’ve ever had.” ~Amos Archer (Speaking of his Love)


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