Judah // Burlington, NC

As promised, here’s Judah! What a fun session this was. We explored and found some amazing spots among the disarray. Judah showed his multi-faceted personality during the shoot; his ability to switch seamlessly between laughing and goofing around, to showing his seriousness for the project, a feat which is actually quite hard for a lot of people. 🙂 I’ll accredit that to his theatrical training. Judah has been in the theater for years and hopes to pursue a career in film down the road. Fun facts about him? Apparently he makes a mean Mac & Cheese, goes skydiving and carries a wealth of random movie trivia around in his brain. This is unsubstantiated, but he may or may not also like long walks on the beach. 😉 This did not come up during our shoot, (by the way) but all in all, Judah’s a pretty interesting guy.

P.S. I’m including more pictures of Thomas and Judah. There were about a million to choose from. Crazy boys. That’s what friends are for.

“Friends come and go like waves in the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face.” ~Unknown