Luke Fox // Burlington, NC

If I was given the task of describing Luke, what words would I use? Talented. Kind. Introspective. Stylish. Funny. To name a few. Luke and I had been trying to get our schedules lined up to shoot some super cool head shots, but we couldn’t seem to get things nailed down. Luke is an incredibly talented actor and between shows, classes and life in general, he had a lot on his plate. Finally though, he was in town and I was free, so we headed to the woods! Sheesh, it was hot that day. Actually, both days. We ended up spreading the shoot out over two days, just for kicks and giggles. Eventually, we left the quiet peace of the woods and walked through downtown Chapel Hill. We hit up some alleys, a construction site, a bookstore and a cafe. We laughed a lot (Luke’s a funny fella) and got some great shots. I do love variety in a session!

“Act well your part; there all the honor lies.” ~Alexander Pope

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