Maddie & Aaron // Hillsborough, NC

You know how you see two people walking down the street and you can just tell by the comfortable way they hold hands or touch each others arm, that they are simply the best of friends? That was my impression of Maddie and Aaron. They were happy just to be in each others company.

Maddie and I became friend’s when I began working at this artsy coffee shop in downtown Hillsborough, Cup A Joe. (Featured below) Maddie had been a barista there for several years and she was influential in showing me the ropes. She is hilariously quirky and so much fun to be with! Watching Aaron and Maddie together filled me with joy. Check out all that sweetness below!! Oh, the feels!! I enjoyed this shoot and can honestly say that I walked away from it with a happy heart!

“There is no charm equal to the tenderness of the heart.” ~Jane Austen