Spring Forth Farm // Hurdle Mills, Nc

“When I saw our pictures, that was the first time that I thought I looked really beautiful.”

Wow. My heart soared with that comment. I guess that’s one of the main reasons that I feel being a photographer is so wonderful. When I show someone an image of themselves, they get a chance to see what other people see; Their beauty, strength, uniqueness, value. I love that. Let me share with YOU Jonathan and Megan Leiss!

Megan and Jonathan Leiss are two good friends of mine. This may not be widely known, but I taught kindergarten for seven years at a wonderful little place called Orchard Hill Children’s School. (You’ll be hearing more about this in later posts. In the meantime, go check it out! www.orchardhillschool.wordpress.com)

I met Megan when she came on as our third teacher several years back. She was somewhat of an intimidating force for me, back in the day. This woman is strong, determined, driven, capable, seemingly not afraid of anything. She has backpacked through Europe, was nomadic for many years before coming back home to North Carolina and even worked on a fishing boat for a summer, with a crotchety, old fisherman. Honestly, I’m not sure that there’s anything that she cannot do. You see why I was a little intimidated?? As I got to know her, my intimidation changed to appreciation as she showed me love, kindness and grace. I valued her friendship as she has been there to talk through my hard life stuff, as we stood out in the woods watching our kindergarten charges climb trees and build friendships. Through the years, Deborah, Megan and I formed an incredible bond through teaching and loving each other and it’s one that I wouldn’t replace with anything in the world.

I was able to witness Jonathan and Megan’s relationship change from friendship into love; I attended their charming and simple wedding in the woods, heard the vows that they said to each other and their promises to love and honor one another for the rest of their lives. I’ve been out to the farm, heard story after story of their adventures and their crazy, beautiful, wonderful life. Oh! Did I mention that Jonathan and Megan started a flower farm? While they have been building their house? THEMSELVES?? Also, Jonathan is a fireman,(working THAT schedule) and Megan is STILL teaching school! Sheesh. Their life makes me tired just listing all the things that they’ve got going on. So, that’s where we are. We’re up to date!! I had the opportunity to go out to their farm, capture them in action and see what was what. I sat down to talk with Megan later on, as is our custom and she told me some more of their story.

Jonathan and Megan have been married for 3 years now. They lived for a time in a cozy little house in Hillsborough, but their dream wasn’t to stay there. It was so much bigger than that. They wanted to have a self-sufficient homestead, where they could own their own land, grow their own food. They wanted to grow in excess, because they wanted to give back to their neighbors and to also donate to a local food pantry. Their combined love of farming pointed them towards flowers and they started Spring Forth Farm. The flower business allows them to be able to live out their dream of growing more food than they need and passing it on.

“Flowers are so beautiful and it feels really good to be able to bring something beautiful into what can often be a very gray world.” ~Megan Leiss

So, they set out on their journey to find the right property. They bought a Frolic to live in until they’re house could be built. You know, a Frolic? An 11′ x 7′? No shower, no plumbing, 77 square feet kind of Frolic? Yea, that’s the one. They’ve been living in it for over 1 year, 9 months. “We’ve lived so happily in our little Frolic”, says Megan. “We felt really strongly about living without debt. That was more important to us than anything.” Their house is gorgeous. They have about a year or so left before it will be move in ready, but they are so patient. The end is in sight!!

So, what’s next for Spring Forth Farm? They are booking weddings for 2016 as we speak. Their plan is to stay the size that they are currently and just fine tune their growing, harvesting process. They grow a variety of beautiful flowers and greenery, all without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. They strive to grow the best plants and flowers that they can, while providing a unique and enjoyable service to brides and local businesses.

Check them out: www.springforthfarmnc.com

I asked Megan what inspires her. She told me this: “Being outside is so inspirational. Taking a walk out in creation; saturated in all these colors around me, seeing grass blowing in the wind. Whatever Creation is doing on it’s own, that’s what keeps me inspired.”

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