Chris Adkins // Saxapahaw, NC

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. “

~Bob Marley~

I can honestly say that when it comes to this guys music, that is so true. Chris Adkins is an incredibly talented, classically trained guitarist. He’s got a doctorate, actually. Man, is he good at what he does. I’ve had the opportunity to sit and listen to him play many times and it’s a pretty amazing experience. Here’s an idea! Come listen to him play at Antonia’s in Hillsborough. ( He’s there every other Tuesday night, serenading the patrons. You won’t be sorry you came. You can check out a little sample of his awesomeness here:

I met Chris almost a year ago now when he joined the Cup-A-Joe barista crew and we instantly became friends. He’s hilarious. One of the funniest guys that I know! My face constantly hurts from all the laughing that I do when hes around. He’s also a pretty fantastic barista, FYI. Chris is totally genuine, kind, great at giving advice and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him. (And guys? That hair. The most fantastic hair I’ve ever seen.) Sometimes you get the chance to meet someone and you just click with them. You say to yourself, “You know what? You guys are probably going to be friends for life.” And that’s something that I’m truly thankful for.

I also want to give a shout out to Cup22 in Saxapahaw for letting us come and shoot upstairs. When we were planning this photo shoot, I knew that I wanted a great indoor space, with fantastic lighting. I got just what I wanted. If you’ve never been out there, it’s totally worth a visit. It was just what Chris and I were looking for. I know that I had a lot of fun working with this guy!

So, you guys go get to know my friend, Chris Adkins too. He’s pretty awesome. Book him to play at your wedding or a friends wedding! Have him come serenade your special event! Get to know him as a person and you won’t be sorry you did.


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